Blacks @ Dartmouth 1775 to 1950

African Americans @ Dartmouth College 1775-1950

Edward Mitchell

Dartmouth College
Class of 1828 (A.B.)
Jan 27, 1794, Martinique
Mar 21, 1872, Georgeville, Quebec
School Dartmouth College Class 1828
Born Jan 27, 1794, Martinique Degree A.B.
Died Mar 21, 1872, Georgeville, Quebec

Career summary

Evangelical minister to Calvinist Baptists of Vermont, New Hampshire and Canada

Quotes from biographical sources

Rev. Edward Mitchell, after a brief illness of two weeks, departed this life for his home in glory, March 21. When a standard bearer in the little army of Christ falls, we love to renew his history. Edward Mitchell was born A. D., 1794, in Martinique. He learned not only to speak but to read and write the French language when quite young. When a lad he embarked upon a vessel under the command of Captain Prentiss, and came to Portland, Maine. His ambition was to be a captain of a vessel; to attain that end he studied navigation. After making some voyages, a terrific storm arising at sea, he promised the Lord if his life were spared that he would serve him. This vow he performed. He went shortly after landing to Philadelphia, related the work of grace on his heart, and was baptized by Rev. William Stoughton, D.D.

He thirsted for knowledge, and loved to devote himself to the ministry of the word. By a striking providence, he was directed to Dartmouth college, N. H. He graduated with honor, 1828. Shortly after he accepted the charge of the Baptist church in Burke [VT]. He united in marriage to Miss Ruth Cheney, daughter [of] Rev. Moses Cheney, March 4, 1832.

In 1834 he removed to Eaton, P. Q. His labors were greatly blessed. As an instance, 40 rejoicing souls were buried by him in baptism at the close of one meeting. In 1838 he removed to Magog where he spent the remainder of his days preaching the gospel of the kingdom both in his own vicinity and in the region that lieth round about.

A man of steadfast integrity; a preacher of marked ability; a scholar that retained the love of learning – the very last years of his life you would find him reading the Bible in the original languages; a true friend; a kind and affectionate husband and father has been called from the scenes of earth. He has fought the good fight and has gone to receive his crown. L.

Obituary. Rev. Edward Mitchell. (Mar 1872). Stanstead Journal (Rock Island, Québec).

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