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Edward Mitchell (1794-1872)
DC Class of 1828, A.B.
Evangelical minister to Calvinist Baptists of Vermont, New Hampshire and Canada
Samuel Ford McGill (1815-1871)
DMS Class of 1839, M.D.
First African American physician of Liberia, colonist, educator, political leader, and merchant
George Torrance Gilliam (1801-1882)
DMS Class of 1841, M.D.
Physician in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Missouri
Thomas Paul, Jr. (1812-1885)
DC Class of 1841, A.B.
Abolitionist, educator and civic worker
Pelleman M. Williams (1819-1882)
DC Class of 1845
Educator in New England and the postbellum South
Henry Jenkins Roberts (1821-1863)
DMS Class of 1846
1847 Berkshire Medical School (M.D.)
Physician, Liberian colonist and brother of Liberia's first President, Joseph Jenkins Roberts
Dempsey Rollo Fletcher (1825-1878)
DMS Class of 1847, M.D.
Physician and Liberian colonist
Augustus Washington (1821-1875)
DC Class of 1847
Daguerreotypist, Liberian colonist, merchant, and political leader
Isaac Humphrey Snowden (1826-1869)
DMS Class of 1851
Physician and Liberian colonist
Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs (1821-1874)
DC Class of 1852, A.B.
Clergyman, missionary, politician, and educator in Philadelphia, the Carolinas and Florida
Charles Benjamin Dunbar (1829-1878)
DMS Class of 1853, M.D.
Physician, politician and Liberian colonist
James Parker Barnett (1831-1886)
DMS Class of 1854, M.D.
1848, 1851 NYU (A.B., A.M.)
Physician in Brooklyn, New York
Daniel Laing, Jr. (1824-1869)
DMS Class of 1854, M.D.
Physician and Liberian colonist
Edward Garrison Draper (1834-1858)
DC Class of 1855, A.B.
Colonist and first university-educated African American lawyer in Liberia
Louis Charles Roudanez (1823-1890)
DMS Class of 1857
M.D. in Paris
Physician, publisher of the first black daily newspaper in the U.S., Civil Rights leader and politician
William Baldwin Ellis (1834-1866)
DMS Class of 1858, M.D.
Physician and Civil War acting assistant surgeon
William Henry Furniss (1846-1920)
DC Class of 1862
Assistant secretary of state of Mississippi during Reconstruction, educator, and government postal worker
John Randall Blackburn (1841-1937)
DC Class of 1863
1872 Alcorn (A.M.) 1883 Dartmouth (honorary)
Professor, educator and university trustee
Benjamin Antony Boseman, Jr. (1840-1881)
DMS Class of 1863
1864 Bowdoin Col (M.D.)
Physician, Civil War surgeon, South Carolina Reconstruction-era politician and state legislator, and federal postmaster
Richard Henry Green (1833-1877)
DMS Class of 1864, M.D.
1857 Yale (A.B.)
Physician in upstate New York