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Champion James Waring (1853-1932)
Class of 1883, A.B.
College Athlete, First Black Fraternity Member, and Lawyer
Julius Purcell Haynes (1866-1941)
DMS Class of 1888, M.D.
College Baseball Player and Physician
Remus Grant Robinson (1873-1910)
Class of 1897, B.L.
Immigrant From Bermuda and Southern Educator
Matthew Washington Bullock (1881-1972)
Class of 1904, A.B.
Athlete, Lawyer, and Civil Rights Advocate
Arthur Henry Jeffreys (1880-1934)
Class of 1904
College athlete (football, track), teacher and Pullman porter
John Miller Marquess (1882-1936)
Class of 1904, A.B.
Athlete, College President, and Republican Party Loyalist
William Henry Bullock (1883-1967)
Class of 1909
College athlete (football, baseball, track), sports enthusiast, and horse track attendant
Talley Robert Holmes (1889-1969)
Class of 1910, A.B.
Attorney and American Tennis Association Co-Founder
Robert Van Ness Johnson (1887-1930)
Class of 1910
College athlete (football) and dentist in Chicago
William Richard Randolph Granger (1890-1973)
Class of 1915, B.S.
Athlete, Physician, and Brother of Four Dartmouth Alumni
Edward Scott Cunningham (1894-1936)
Class of 1916, B.S.
Physician, athlete (track) and civic leader in Brooklyn, New York
Leo Yearwood Granger (1894-1930)
Class of 1916, A.B.
College athlete (track) and physician in Newark, New Jersey
Samuel Frederick Jenkins (1896-1987)
Class of 1919, A.B.
College athlete (track), physician, and health professions leader in New York
Thornton Holman Wood (1897-1992)
Class of 1919, B.S.
College athlete (skiing) and physician in Harlem, New York
Lloyd Maceo Granger (1898-1974)
Class of 1920
Dentist in Newark, New Jersey
James Ernest Martin, Jr. (1897-1973)
Class of 1920
College athlete (track), dentist and civil rights leader in Bluefield, West Virginia
Williford Napoleon Thompson (1900-1986)
Class of 1922
Shipyard worker in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Carl Victor Crump Granger (1902-1960)
Class of 1923, A.B.
College athlete (track) and physician in Huntington, Long Island
William Contee Henderson (1901-1991)
Class of 1923, A.B.
College athlete (track) and Physician in Ohio and Colorado.
Bradford Benjamin Weisiger (1899-1985)
Class of 1925
College athlete (track) and dentist
Peter Douglas Johnson (1907-1958)
Class of 1927, B.S.
College athlete (tennis and basketball) and physician in Washington, D.C.
Lowell Cheatham Wormley (1906-1986)
Class of 1927, B.S.
College athlete (lacrosse), physician, and civic leader in Phoenix, Arizona
Forrest Bartley Whittaker (1906-1945)
Class of 1928
College athlete (basketball) and funeral home director in Toledo, Ohio
Ulysses Samuel Wharton, Jr. (1916-1985)
Class of 1938, A.B.
College athlete (track) and physician in Patterson, New Jersey
Charles Alfred Pinderhughes (1919-1998)
Class of 1940, A.B.
College athlete (swimming), physician (psychiatry) and medical educator in Boston, Massachusetts
George Murdock Wharton (1918-1966)
Class of 1940, A.B.
College athlete (track) and physician in Los Angeles, California
Charles McDuffy Wilder, Jr. (1923-1991)
Class of 1944, A.B., ΦΒΚ
College athlete (skiing, tennis), journalist and writer
Charles Andrew Tignor Duncan (1924-2004)
Class of 1946, A.B.
College Athlete, Civil Rights Attorney, and Dean of Howard Law
Fritz Winfred Alexander, II (1926-2000)
Class of 1947, A.B.
College Athlete, New York Judge, and BADA's First President
Edwin Joseph Williams (1926-2004)
Class of 1950, A.B.
College athlete (football)
Noel Agler Day (1933-1995)
Class of 1953, A.B.
College Athlete, Woodsman, and Activist
Richard Leonidas Fairley (1933-2006)
Class of 1955, A.B.
College athlete (basketball) and Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Education
Bernard Benjamin Fulton, Jr. (1933-2014)
Class of 1955, A.B.
College athlete (football), businessman, and government worker.
Eugene Lane Booth (1935-)
Dartmouth College Class of 1957, A.B.
Hall of Fame college athlete (basketball), coach, and public servant
H. Carl McCall (1935-)
Dartmouth College Class of 1958, A.B.
Minister, politician, New York State public official, and United Nations ambassador