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Samuel Ford McGill (1815-1871)
DMS Class of 1839, M.D.
First African American physician of Liberia, colonist, educator, political leader, and merchant
Henry Jenkins Roberts (1821-1863)
DMS Class of 1846
1847 Berkshire Medical School (M.D.)
Physician, Liberian colonist and brother of Liberia's first President, Joseph Jenkins Roberts
Dempsey Rollo Fletcher (1825-1878)
DMS Class of 1847, M.D.
Physician and Liberian colonist
Augustus Washington (1821-1875)
DC Class of 1847
Daguerreotypist, Liberian colonist, merchant, and political leader
Isaac Humphrey Snowden (1826-1869)
DMS Class of 1851
Physician and Liberian colonist
Charles Benjamin Dunbar (1829-1878)
DMS Class of 1853, M.D.
Physician, politician and Liberian colonist
Daniel Laing, Jr. (1824-1869)
DMS Class of 1854, M.D.
Physician and Liberian colonist
Edward Garrison Draper (1834-1858)
DC Class of 1855, A.B.
Colonist and first university-educated African American lawyer in Liberia
John Anthony Parm (1840-1913)
DMS Class of 1871, M.D.
Liberian-born physician and U.S. Vice-Consul to Sierra Leone
John Naustedla Lewis (1845-1935)
DMS Class of 1873, M.D.
1871-72 Harvard Medical School
Liberian-born physician who trained at Dartmouth and returned to Liberia
Hilary John Moore (1858-1904)
DMS Class of 1883, M.D.
Long Island Coll Hospital
Physician and Liberian colonist
Cornelius McKane (1862-1912)
DMS Class of 1892
1891 Univ Vermont Medical College (M.D.)
Physician and founder of hospitals in Georgia and Liberia with Alice Woodby McKane
Paulus Moort (1851-1903)
DMS Class of 1892
1893 Howard Univ (M.D.)
Episcopal bishop and physician in Liberia
Elijah Henry Allen, Jr. (1903-1960)
DC Class of 1923, A.B.
1927 Howard Univ (M.D.)
Physician in Louisville, Kentucky and Liberia
Hildrus Augustus Poindexter (1901-1987)
DMS Class of 1927
Lincoln Univ (A.B.) DMS (2yr) Harvard (M.D.) Columbia (Ph.D.)
Public health physician (tropical diseases), medical educator, and health attaché at U.S. Liberian Embassy