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Prince Saunders (1775-1839)
DC Class of 1808
Educator, Pan-Africanist and advisor to President Henri Christophe of Haiti
Samuel Ford McGill (1815-1871)
DMS Class of 1839, M.D.
First African American physician of Liberia, colonist, educator, political leader, and merchant
Thomas Paul, Jr. (1812-1885)
DC Class of 1841, A.B.
Abolitionist, educator and civic worker
Pelleman M. Williams (1819-1882)
DC Class of 1845
Educator in New England and the postbellum South
Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs (1821-1874)
DC Class of 1852, A.B.
Clergyman, missionary, politician, and educator in Philadelphia, the Carolinas and Florida
William Henry Furniss (1846-1920)
DC Class of 1862
Assistant secretary of state of Mississippi during Reconstruction, educator, and government postal worker
John Randall Blackburn (1841-1937)
DC Class of 1863
1872 Alcorn (A.M.) 1883 Dartmouth (honorary)
Professor, educator and university trustee
Douglass Carr Griffing (1845-1925)
DC Class of 1873, A.B.
Reconstruction-era state senator and educator in Mississippi
Winfield Scott Montgomery (1853-1928)
DC Class of 1878, A.B., ΦΒΚ
1890 Howard Univ (M.D.)
Second African American to receive Phi Beta Kappa honors, physician, and educator in Washington, D.C.
James Dallas Burrus (1846-1928)
DC Class of 1879, A.M.
Fisk Univ (A.B.)
Educator in Virginia
James Major Colson, Jr. (1855-1909)
DC Class of 1883, A.M., ΦΒΚ
Educator and civic worker in Virginia
Remus Grant Robinson (1873-1910)
DC Class of 1897, B.L.
College athlete (track), professor at Tuskegee Institute and other southern schools
John Tully Thorne (1874-1940)
DC Class of 1897, B.L.
Public school educator in New York City
George Francis Smith (1877-1900)
DC Class of 1898, A.B., ΦΒΚ
1897, 1899 Atlanta Univ (A.B., A.M.)
Professor and educator
Arthur Henry Jeffreys (1880-1934)
DC Class of 1904
College athlete (football, track), teacher and Pullman porter
John Miller Marquess (1882-1936)
DC Class of 1904, A.B.
1902 Fisk (A.B.)
College athlete (track), educator, college president, and active in national political parties
John Wesley Cromwell, Jr. (1883-1971)
DC Class of 1906, A.B., ΦΒΚ
1907 Dartmouth (M.A.)
First African American CPA and educator in Washington, D.C.
George Matthew King (1874-1942)
DC Class of 1906, A.B. (1909)
Businessman and educator
Wilder Percival Montgomery (1885-1931)
DC Class of 1906, A.B.
Educator and public school administrator
Ernest Everett Just (1883-1941)
DC Class of 1907, A.B., ΦΒΚ
1916 Univ Chicago (Ph.D.)
Noted scientist (biology) and educator in the U.S. and Europe
Talley Robert Holmes (1889-1969)
DC Class of 1910, A.B.
1924 Howard Univ (LL.B.)
College athlete (tennis), attorney, businessman, educator, co-founder and two time champion of the American Tennis Association
Walter Milton Price (1884-1957)
DC Class of 1910, A.B.
Educator and public school administrator
George William Adams, Jr. (1894-1969)
DC Class of 1915, A.B.
1918 Howard Univ (M.D.)
Physician (pathologist) and medical educator in Washington, D.C.
Charles Edward Lane, Jr. (1893-1947)
DC Class of 1915
Educator, businessman, and real estate developer
Charles McDuffy Wilder (1894-1935)
DC Class of 1915, B.S.
1919 Univ Penn (M.D.)
Physician and medical educator in Washington, D.C.
Lester Blackwell Granger (1896-1976)
DC Class of 1918, A.B.
Social worker, educator, National Urban League executive director, and civil rights leader
Clarence Harvey Mills (1892-1950)
DC Class of 1918, A.B., ΦΒΚ
1928 Univ Chicago (Ph.D.)
Professor, humanities scholar and educator at several historically black institutions
Albert Neal Dow Brooks (1897-1964)
DC Class of 1919
Howard Univ (A.B., A.M.)
Educator, journal editor and public school administrator in Washington, D.C.
Charles Wendell Freeman (1900-1980)
DC Class of 1923
Howard Univ (M.D.)
Physician (dermatology) and medical educator in Washington, D.C.
Emilio Aguinaldo Lanier (1900-1994)
DC Class of 1924, A.B.
1926 Harvard (A.M.)
Professor of English at U.S. and Japanese universities
Samuel Stanley Morris (1898-1984)
DC Class of 1925, A.B.
Univ Southern Calif (Ph.D.) (Univ. So. Cal.)
Educator in public colleges and school systems
Theodore Arthur Rambeau (1900-1989)
DC Class of 1926, A.B.
University professor in Atlanta, Georgia
Hildrus Augustus Poindexter (1901-1987)
DMS Class of 1927
Lincoln Univ (A.B.) DMS (2yr) Harvard (M.D.) Columbia (Ph.D.)
Public health physician (tropical diseases), medical educator, and health attaché at U.S. Liberian Embassy
Cortlandt Matthews Colson (1905-1968)
DC Class of 1929
Ohio State (Ph.D.)
Physician, medical educator and civic leader in Petersburg, Virginia
Lenoir Hall Cook (1907-1977)
DC Class of 1929, A.B.
Columbia University (M.A.)
Shaw University (North Carolina) professor and administrator
Charles Twitchell Davis (1918-1981)
DC Class of 1939, A.B., ΦΒΚ
1951 NYU (Ph.D.)
Professor, literary scholar, and leader of Yale's African American studies program
Charles Alfred Pinderhughes (1919-1998)
DC Class of 1940, A.B.
1943 Howard Univ (M.D.)
Physician (psychiatry) and medical educator in Boston, Massachusetts
Lisle Carleton Carter (1925-2009)
DC Class of 1945, A.B.
1948 St. John's (LL.B.)
Attorney, educator, university president, leader of federal agencies and civic organizations and Dartmouth trustee
Carl Victor Granger, Jr. (1928-2019)
DC Class of 1949, A.B.
NYU (M.D.)
Physician, professor, department chair, and researcher (rehabilitation medicine) at Buffalo School of Medicine
Samuel Wells Smith (1928-2011)
DC Class of 1949, A.B.
Science teacher and college administrator
Robert Shaw Wilkinson, Jr. (1928-)
DC Class of 1950, B.S.
1955 NYU (M.D.)
Physician (internal medicine) and medical educator in Washington, D.C.
Henry Shields Robinson, III (1930-1993)
DC Class of 1951, A.B.
1996 Univ London (Ph.D.)
Academic scholar (Russian history), university professor and public school teacher
Noel Agler Day (1933-1995)
DC Class of 1953, A.B.
College athlete, public school teacher, community organizer, and political activist.
William Cornet Pryor, Jr. (1932-2020)
DC Class of 1954, A.B.
1959 Georgetown (J.D.)
Jurist, federal judge, and law school professor
Richard Leonides Fairley (1933-2006)
DC Class of 1955, A.B.
Stanford (M.Ed.), Univ Mass (Ph.D.)
College athlete (basketball), educator, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education
Wilburn Pinkard Durousseau (1937-)
DC Class of 1958, A.B.
1962 Howard Univ (M.D.)
Physician (obstetrics and gynecology) and medical educator, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
Vertie Ferina Ives, Jr. (1936-1992)
DC Class of 1958
Univ Northern Colorado (B.P.A.)
Engineer, teacher, and civic worker
Robert Grayson McGuire, III (1938-1975)
DC Class of 1958, A.B.
1974 Columbia (Ph.D.)
College professor at Dartmouth College and Howard University, political scientist, Black Studies scholar, and community activist who died too young