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Prince Saunders (1775-1839)
DC Class of 1808
Educator, Pan-Africanist and advisor to President Henri Christophe of Haiti
Samuel Ford McGill (1815-1871)
DMS Class of 1839, M.D.
First African American physician of Liberia, colonist, educator, political leader, and merchant
Thomas Paul, Jr. (1812-1885)
DC Class of 1841, A.B.
Abolitionist, educator and civic worker
Pelleman M. Williams (1819-1882)
DC Class of 1845
Educator in New England and the postbellum South
Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs (1821-1874)
DC Class of 1852, A.B.
Clergyman, missionary, politician, and educator in Philadelphia, the Carolinas and Florida
William Henry Furniss (1846-1920)
DC Class of 1862
Assistant to secretary of state of Mississippi, educator, and government postal worker
John Randall Blackburn (1841-1937)
DC Class of 1863
1872 Alcorn (A.M.) 1883 Dartmouth (honorary)
Professor, educator and university trustee
Douglass Carr Griffing (1845-1925)
DC Class of 1873, A.B.
Reconstruction-era state senator and educator in Mississippi
Winfield Scott Montgomery (1853-1928)
DC Class of 1878, A.B., ΦΒΚ
1890 Howard Univ (M.D.)
Second African American elected to Phi Beta Kappa honors, physician, and educator in Washington, D.C.
James Dallas Burrus (1846-1928)
DC Class of 1879, A.M.
Fisk Univ (A.B.)
Educator in Virginia
James Major Colson, Jr. (1855-1909)
DC Class of 1883, A.M., ΦΒΚ
Educator and civic worker in Virginia
Champion James Waring (1853-1932)
DC Class of 1883, A.B.
1897 Chicago Law (LL.B.)
College athlete (track), educator, attorney and civic leader in Chicago
Remus Grant Robinson (1873-1910)
DC Class of 1897, B.L.
College athlete (track), professor at Tuskegee Institute and other southern schools
John Tully Thorne (1874-1940)
DC Class of 1897, B.L.
Public school educator in New York City
George Francis Smith (1877-1900)
DC Class of 1898, A.B., ΦΒΚ
1897, 1899 Atlanta Univ (A.B., A.M.)
Professor and educator
Arthur Henry Jeffreys (1880-1934)
DC Class of 1904
College athlete (football, track), teacher and Pullman porter
John Miller Marquess (1882-1936)
DC Class of 1904, A.B.
1902 Fisk (A.B.)
College athlete (track), educator, college president, and active in national political parties
John Wesley Cromwell, Jr. (1883-1971)
DC Class of 1906, A.B., ΦΒΚ
1907 Dartmouth (M.A.)
First African American CPA and educator in Washington, D.C.
George Matthew King (1874-1942)
DC Class of 1906, A.B. (1909)
Businessman and educator
Wilder Percival Montgomery (1885-1931)
DC Class of 1906, A.B.
Educator and public school administrator
Ernest Everett Just (1883-1941)
DC Class of 1907, A.B., ΦΒΚ
1916 Univ Chicago (Ph.D.)
Renowned scientist (biology) and professor in the U.S. and Europe
Talley Robert Holmes (1889-1969)
DC Class of 1910, A.B.
1924 Howard Univ (LL.B.)
Attorney, educator, co-founder and champion of American Tennis Association
Walter Milton Price (1884-1957)
DC Class of 1910, A.B.
Educator and public school administrator
George William Adams, Jr. (1894-1969)
DC Class of 1915, A.B.
1918 Howard Univ (M.D.)
Physician (pathologist) and medical educator in Washington, D.C.
Charles Edward Lane, Jr. (1893-1947)
DC Class of 1915
Educator, businessman, and real estate developer
Charles McDuffy Wilder (1894-1935)
DC Class of 1915, B.S.
1919 Univ Penn (M.D.)
Physician and medical educator in Washington, D.C.
Lester Blackwell Granger (1896-1976)
DC Class of 1918, A.B.
Social worker, educator, National Urban League executive director, and civil rights leader
Clarence Harvey Mills (1892-1950)
DC Class of 1918, A.B., ΦΒΚ
1928 Univ Chicago (Ph.D.)
Professor, humanities scholar and educator at several historically black institutions
Albert Neal Dow Brooks (1897-1964)
DC Class of 1919
Howard Univ (A.B., A.M.)
Educator, journal editor and public school administrator in Washington, D.C.
Charles Wendell Freeman (1900-1980)
DC Class of 1923
Howard Univ (M.D.)
Physician (dermatology) and medical educator in Washington, D.C.
Emilio Aguinaldo Lanier (1900-1994)
DC Class of 1924, A.B.
1926 Harvard (A.M.)
Professor of English at U.S. and Japanese universities
Samuel Stanley Morris (1898-1984)
DC Class of 1925, A.B.
Univ Southern Calif (Ph.D.) (Univ. So. Cal.)
Educator in public colleges and school systems
Theodore Arthur Rambeau (1900-1989)
DC Class of 1926, A.B.
University professor in Atlanta, Georgia
Hildrus Augustus Poindexter (1901-1987)
DMS Class of 1927
Lincoln Univ (A.B.) DMS (2yr) Harvard (M.D.) Columbia (Ph.D.)
Public health physician, medical educator, and health attaché at U.S. Liberian Embassy
Cortlandt Matthews Colson (1905-1968)
DC Class of 1929
Ohio State (Ph.D.)
Physician, medical educator and civic leader in Petersburg, Virginia
Lenoir Hall Cook (1907-1977)
DC Class of 1929, A.B.
Columbia University (M.A.)
Shaw University (North Carolina) professor and administrator
Charles Twitchell Davis (1918-1981)
DC Class of 1939, A.B., ΦΒΚ
1951 NYU (Ph.D.)
Professor, literary scholar, and leader of Yale's African American studies program
Charles Alfred Pinderhughes (1919-1998)
DC Class of 1940, A.B.
1943 Howard Univ (M.D.)
College athlete (swimming), physician (psychiatry) and medical educator in Boston, Massachusetts
Carl Victor Granger, Jr. (1928-2019)
DC Class of 1949, A.B.
NYU (M.D.)
Physician, professor, department chair, and researcher at Buffalo School of Medicine
Samuel Wells Smith (1928-2011)
DC Class of 1949, A.B.
Science teacher and college administrator
Robert Shaw Wilkinson, Jr. (1928-)
DC Class of 1950, B.S.
1955 NYU (M.D.)
Physician (internal medicine) and medical educator in Washington, D.C.
Henry Shields Robinson, III (1930-1993)
DC Class of 1951, A.B.
1996 Univ London (Ph.D.)
Academic scholar (Russian history), university professor and public school teacher
Noel Agler Day (1933-1995)
DC Class of 1953, A.B.
College athlete, public school teacher, community organizer, and political activist.
William Cornet Pryor, Jr. (1932-2020)
DC Class of 1954, A.B.
1959 Georgetown (J.D.)
Jurist, federal judge, and law school professor
Wilburn Pinkard Durousseau (1937-)
DC Class of 1958, A.B.
1962 Howard Univ (M.D.)
Physician (Ob-Gyn) and medical educator, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
Vertie Ferina Ives, Jr. (1936-1992)
DC Class of 1958
Univ Northern Colorado (B.P.A.)
Engineer, teacher, and civic worker
Robert Grayson McGuire, III (1938-1975)
DC Class of 1958, A.B.
1974 Columbia (Ph.D.)
College professor at Dartmouth and Howard, Black Studies scholar, and community activist