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Samuel Ford McGill (1815-1871)
DMS Class of 1839, M.D.
First African American physician of Liberia, colonist, educator, political leader, and merchant
George Torrance Gilliam (1801-1882)
DMS Class of 1841, M.D.
Physician in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Missouri
Henry Jenkins Roberts (1821-1863)
DMS Class of 1846
1847 Berkshire Medical School (M.D.)
Physician, Liberian colonist and brother of Liberia's first President, Joseph Jenkins Roberts
Dempsey Rollo Fletcher (1825-1878)
DMS Class of 1847, M.D.
Physician and Liberian colonist
Isaac Humphrey Snowden (1826-1869)
DMS Class of 1851
Physician and Liberian colonist
Charles Benjamin Dunbar (1829-1878)
DMS Class of 1853, M.D.
Physician, politician and Liberian colonist
James Parker Barnett (1831-1886)
DMS Class of 1854, M.D.
1848, 1851 New York Univ (A.B., A.M.)
Physician in Brooklyn, New York
Daniel Laing, Jr. (1824-1869)
DMS Class of 1854, M.D.
Physician and Liberian colonist
Louis Charles Roudanez (1823-1890)
DMS Class of 1857
M.D. in Paris
Physician, publisher of the first black daily newspaper in the U.S., Civil Rights leader and politician
William Baldwin Ellis (1834-1866)
DMS Class of 1858, M.D.
Physician and Civil War acting assistant surgeon
Benjamin Antony Boseman, Jr. (1840-1881)
DMS Class of 1863
1864 Bowdoin (M.D.)
Physician, Civil War surgeon, South Carolina Reconstruction-era state legislator, and federal postmaster
Richard Henry Green (1833-1877)
DMS Class of 1864, M.D.
1857 Yale (A.B.)
Physician in upstate New York
George Rice (1848-1935)
Class of 1869, A.B.
1872 Royal Coll. P&S, Edinburgh (M.D.)
Physician who trained in Scotland and practiced in Surrey County outside London
John Anthony Parm (1840-1913)
DMS Class of 1871, M.D.
Liberian-born physician and U.S. Vice-Consul to Sierra Leone
John Naustedla Lewis (1845-1935)
DMS Class of 1873, M.D.
1871-72 Harvard Medical School
Liberian-born physician who trained at Dartmouth and returned to Liberia
Winfield Scott Montgomery (1853-1928)
Class of 1878, A.B., ΦΒΚ
1890 Howard (M.D.)
Second African American to receive Phi Beta Kappa honors, physician, and educator in Washington, D.C.
Hilary John Moore (1858-1904)
DMS Class of 1883, M.D.
Long Island Coll Hospital
Physician and Liberian colonist
Julius Purcell Haynes (1866-1941)
DMS Class of 1888, M.D.
College athlete (baseball) and physician in Toledo, Ohio
George Alexandre Roudanez (1866-1919)
DMS Class of 1890, M.D.
Physician in New Orleans, Louisiana
Louis Charles Roudanez, II (1864-1927)
DMS Class of 1890, M.D.
Physician in New Orleans, Louisiana
Cornelius McKane (1862-1912)
DMS Class of 1892
1891 University of Vermont Medical College (M.D.)
Physician and founder of hospitals in Georgia and Liberia with Alice Woodby McKane
Paulus Moort (1851-1903)
DMS Class of 1892
1893 Howard University (M.D.)
Episcopal bishop and physician in Liberia
Albert Francis Roudanez (1868-1929)
DMS Class of 1892, M.D.
Physician in New Orleans, Louisiana
George Waltham Bell (1864-1925)
DMS Class of 1893
1883 Lincoln Univ. (A.B.), 1892 Amer Med Col, St. Louis (M.D.)
Physician in Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Allen Bouthrod Graves (1879-1957)
Class of 1905, A.B.
1908 Howard (M.D.)
Physician in Harlem and civic leader
George William Adams, Jr. (1894-1969)
Class of 1915, A.B.
1918 Howard (M.D.)
Physician (pathologist) and medical educator in Washington, D.C.
William Richard Randolph Granger (1890-1973)
Class of 1915, B.S.
1917 Columbia P&S (M.D.)
College athlete (track), physician and civic leader in New York City
William Francis Magruder (1893-1926)
Class of 1915, A.B.
1918 Howard (M.D.)
Physician (general practice and gynecology) in Washington, D.C.
Charles McDuffy Wilder (1894-1935)
Class of 1915, B.S.
1919 Univ Penn (M.D.)
Physician and medical educator in Washington, D.C.
Edward Scott Cunningham (1894-1936)
Class of 1916, B.S.
L.I. Coll. of Med. (M.D.)
Physician, athlete (track) and civic leader in Brooklyn, New York
Leo Yearwood Granger (1894-1930)
Class of 1916, A.B.
Columbia (M.D.)
College athlete (track) and physician in Newark, New Jersey
Jack Ward Gray (1895-1944)
Class of 1919, A.B.
1924 Univ of Vermont (M.D.)
Physician (pediatrics) in St. Louis, Missouri
Samuel Frederick Jenkins (1896-1987)
Class of 1919, A.B.
1928 NYU (M.D.)
College athlete (track), physician (pediatrics) and health professions leader in New York City
Thornton Holman Wood (1897-1992)
Class of 1919, B.S.
1921 NYU (M.D.)
College athlete (skiing) and physician in Harlem, New York
Charles Herbert Marshall, Jr. (1898-1983)
Class of 1920
1921, 1924 Howard (B.S., M.D.)
Physician in Washington, D.C. and active in public education
Maurice Durham Randolph (1898-1964)
Class of 1920
U Pitt (A.B.) Howard (M.D.)
Physician in Harlem and Mt. Vernon New York
Albon Louis Jackson (1901-1941)
DMS Class of 1922
DMS (2yr) Univ IL (M.D.)
Physician in Michigan, Illinois, and Athens, Georgia
Elijah Henry Allen, Jr. (1903-1960)
Class of 1923, A.B.
1927 Howard (M.D.)
Physician in Louisville, Kentucky and Liberia
Charles Wendell Freeman (1900-1980)
Class of 1923
Howard (M.D.)
Physician (dermatology) and medical educator in Washington, D.C.
Carl Victor Crump Granger (1902-1960)
Class of 1923, A.B.
NYU (M.D.)
College athlete (track) and physician in Huntington, Long Island
William Contee Henderson (1901-1991)
Class of 1923, A.B.
1926 Howard (M.D.)
College athlete (track) and Physician in Ohio and Colorado.
Vivian Leonard Williams (1896-1963)
DMS Class of 1923, M.S.
University of New York, Bellevue Medical College (M.D.)
Physician in Brooklyn, New York
Robert Shaw Wilkinson (1899-1984)
Class of 1924, A.B., ΦΒΚ
Harvard (M.D.)
Physician in New York City
Peter Douglas Johnson (1907-1958)
Class of 1927, B.S.
Howard (M.D.)
College athlete (tennis and basketball) and physician in Washington, D.C.
Hildrus Augustus Poindexter (1901-1987)
DMS Class of 1927
Lincoln (A.B.) DMS (2yr) Harvard (M.D.) Columbia (Ph.D.)
Public health physician (tropical diseases), medical educator, and health attaché at U.S. Liberian Embassy
Frederick Douglass Stubbs (1906-1946)
Class of 1927, A.B., ΦΒΚ
Harvard (M.D.)
Physician, first African American thoracic surgeon and medical professions leader in Philadelphia
Lowell Cheatham Wormley (1906-1986)
Class of 1927, B.S.
1931 DMS (2yr) Howard (M.D.)
Physician and civic leader in Phoenix, Arizona
Howard Marshall Payne (1908-1961)
Class of 1928, A.B., ΦΒΚ
DMS (2yr) Howard (M.D.)
Physician and tuberculosis specialist in Washington, D.C. and Waltham, Massachusetts
Cortlandt Matthews Colson (1905-1968)
Class of 1929
Ohio State (Ph.D.)
Physician, medical educator and civic leader in Petersburg, Virginia
John Condit Payne, Jr. (1905-1972)
Class of 1929, A.B.
1932 Howard (M.D.)
Physician in Washington, D.C.
William Oscar Harris (1908-1971)
Class of 1930, A.B., ΦΒΚ
Western Reserve Univ (M.D.)
Physician in Atlantic City, New Jersey
Charles Ignatius West, Jr. (1908-1984)
Class of 1930
Howard (M.D.)
Physician and civil rights leader in Nevada
Wilder Percival Montgomery, Jr. (1910-1995)
Class of 1931, A.B., ΦΒΚ
DMS (2yr) Rush Med Coll (M.D.)
Physician and medical professions leader in Washington, D.C.
Clarence Augustus Lucas, Jr. (1914-1996)
Class of 1936, A.B.
Indiana Univ (M.D.)
Physician (family practice) in Indianapolis, Indiana
George Francis Arnold (1916-1987)
Class of 1937, A.B.
1939 Dartmouth (M.S.) Rosalind Franklin (M.D.)
Ulysses Samuel Wharton, Jr. (1916-1985)
Class of 1938, A.B.
1942 Howard (M.D.)
College athlete (track) and physician in Patterson, New Jersey
Charles Alfred Pinderhughes (1919-1998)
Class of 1940, A.B.
1943 Howard (M.D.)
Physician (psychiatry) and medical educator in Boston, Massachusetts
George Murdock Wharton (1918-1966)
Class of 1940, A.B.
Howard (M.D.)
College athlete (track) and physician in Los Angeles, California
Norbert Parker Gillem (1919-1973)
Class of 1941, A.B.
NYU (M.D.)
Physician in Washington, D.C.
John Tyler Phillips, Jr. (1920-2005)
Class of 1941, A.B.
Meharry (M.D.)
Physician (hand surgeon) and civic leader in suburban Los Angeles, California
Samuel Carey Bullock (1921-1995)
Class of 1943, A.B.
NYU (M.D.)
Physician (psychiatry) and academic medical education leader in Philadelphia
Carl Victor Granger, Jr. (1928-)
Class of 1949, A.B.
NYU (M.D.)
Physician, professor, department chair, and researcher (rehabilitation medicine) at Buffalo School of Medicine
Robert Shaw Wilkinson, Jr. (1928-)
Class of 1950, B.S.
1955 NYU (M.D.)
Physician (internal medicine) in Washington, D.C.