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The Dartmouth alumni profiles contain transcriptions from cited historical and contemporary sources. Other relevant sources are also listed. When available, obituaries and articles in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine are reproduced, including a direct link to the item in the magazine’s online archive, which is publicly accessible and searchable. Most of the alumni images are digital copies from Dartmouth Aegis yearbooks, Class books and other alumni materials located in the Rauner Special Collections Library of Dartmouth College.

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Biographical Sources

Adams, Frank William (Class of 1916)
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Adams, George William Jr (Class of 1915)
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Allen, Elijah Henry Jr (Class of 1923)
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Arnold, George Francis (Class of 1937)
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Barnett, James Parker (Class of 1854)
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Bell, George Waltham (Class of 1893)
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Blackburn, John Randall (Class of 1863)
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Boseman, Benjamin Antony Jr (Class of 1863)
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Breeden, James Pleasant (Class of 1956)
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Brooks, Albert Neal Dow (Class of 1919)
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Bullock, Matthew Washington (Class of 1904)
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Bullock, William Henry (Class of 1909)
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Burrus, James Dallas (Class of 1879)
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Colson, Cortlandt Matthews (Class of 1929)
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Colson, James Major Jr (Class of 1883)
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Cook, Lenoir Hall (Class of 1929)
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Cromwell, John Wesley Jr (Class of 1906)
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Davis, Charles Twitchell (Class of 1939)
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Day, Noel Agler (Class of 1953)
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Draper, Edward Garrison (Class of 1855)
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Dunbar, Charles Benjamin (Class of 1853)
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Duncan, Charles Andrew Tignor (Class of 1946)
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Eccles, Peter Wilson (Class of 1958)
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Ellis, Roy Alexander (Class of 1922)
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Ellis, William Baldwin (Class of 1858)
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Fairley, Richard Leonaides (Class of 1955)
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Fletcher, Dempsey Rollo (Class of 1847)
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Freeman, Charles Wendell (Class of 1923)
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Fulton, Bernard Benjamin Jr (Class of 1955)
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Furniss, William Henry (Class of 1862)
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Gibbs, Jonathan Clarkson (Class of 1852)
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Giles, Roscoe Conkling Jr (Class of 1940)
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Gilliam, George Torrance (Class of 1841)
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Granger, Carl Victor Crump (Class of 1923)
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Granger, Carl Victor Jr (Class of 1949)
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Granger, Leo Yearwood (Class of 1916)
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Granger, Lester Blackwell (Class of 1918)
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Granger, Lloyd Maceo (Class of 1920)
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  2. Dr. Lloyd M. Granger. (Feb 26, 1974).   Retrieved from
  3. The Lloyd M. Granger profile image is reproduced with permission from a photocopy held by Augustus Granger of the Granger-Turpin family. The original was found in a research paper published in the 1920s by a Harvard University student.
Granger, William Richard Randolph (Class of 1915)
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Graves, Allen Bouthrod (Class of 1905)
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Gray, Jack Ward (Class of 1919)
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Green, Richard Henry (Class of 1864)
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Griffin, Gilroye A Jr (Class of 1959)
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Griffin, James Madison (Class of 1923)
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Griffing, Douglass Carr (Class of 1873)
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Henderson, William Contee (Class of 1923)
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Howard, Edward Brinkley (Class of 1947)
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Ives, Vertie Ferina Jr (Class of 1958)
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Jackson, Albon Louis (Class of 1922)
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Jackson, Jerome Ray (Class of 1960)
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Jeffreys, Arthur Henry (Class of 1904)
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Jenkins, Samuel Frederick (Class of 1919)
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Johnson, Peter Douglas (Class of 1927)
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Johnson, Raymond Bernard (Class of 1959)
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Johnson, Robert Van Ness (Class of 1910)
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Just, Ernest Everett (Class of 1907)
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King, George Matthew (Class of 1906)
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Laing, Daniel Jr (Class of 1854)
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Lane, Charles Edward Jr (Class of 1915)
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Lewis, Stephen Johnson (Class of 1944)
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Magruder, William Francis (Class of 1915)
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Marquess, John Miller (Class of 1904)
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Marshall, Charles Herbert Jr (Class of 1920)
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Martin, James Ernest Jr (Class of 1920)
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McCall, H. Carl (Class of 1958)
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McGill, Samuel Ford (Class of 1839)
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McGuire, Chester Crawford Jr (Class of 1958)
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McGuire, Robert Grayson III (Class of 1958)
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McGuire, Robert Grayson Jr (Class of 1932)
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McShine, Kynaston Leigh Gerard (Class of 1958)
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Mills, Clarence Harvey (Class of 1918)
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Mitchell, Edward (Class of 1828)
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Montgomery, Wilder Percival (Class of 1906)
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Montgomery, Wilder Percival Jr (Class of 1931)
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Montgomery, Winfield Scott (Class of 1878)
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Moore, Hilary John (Class of 1883)
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Moort, Paulus (Class of 1892)
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Paul, Thomas Jr (Class of 1841)
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Payne, Howard Marshall (Class of 1928)
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Payne, John Condit Jr (Class of 1929)
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Poindexter, Hildrus Augustus (Class of 1927)
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