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Hilary John Moore

Physician and Liberian colonist

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Dartmouth Medical School M.D.

Class of 1883

Long Island Coll Hospital

Born  1858  Monrovia Liberia

Died 1904 Liberia

Quotes from Biographical Sources

The bark Monrovia sailed from New York, July 16, for Liberia, carrying a valuable cargo belonging to her owners, Messrs. Yates & Porterfield, and a number of intelligent emigrants from North Carolina, Georgia and Kansas, sent by the American Colonization Society. Among the Liberians who returned to their homes by the same vessel were Dr. Hilary J. Moore: the latter having just completed his medical education at Dartmouth College, and Long Island College Hospital. He was born in Liberia, and, with others named, speaks highly of that Republic as the country for themselves and for the people of color. Thus the good work of opening up the 'dark continent' continues to be prosecuted.'

Departure for Liberia. (1883). The African Repository and Colonial Journal, 59(4), 122.

Profile image source: Dartmouth College Photographic Files, Medical School, Students 1, 1880's.