Blacks @ Dartmouth 1775 to 1960

African Americans @ Dartmouth College 1775-1960

Benjamin Antony Boseman, Jr.

Dartmouth Medical School
Class of 1863 (attended: 1863)
30 Jul 1840, Troy NY
23 Feb 1881, Charleston SC
Other Schools
1864 Bowdoin Col (M.D.)
School Dartmouth Medical School Class 1863
Born 30 Jul 1840, Troy NY Year(s) 1863
Died 23 Feb 1881, Charleston SC Other Schools
1864 Bowdoin Col (M.D.)

Career summary

Physician, Civil War surgeon, South Carolina Reconstruction-era politician, and federal postmaster

Quotes from biographical sources

... Benjamin A. Boseman, from New York, was graduated from the Maine Medical College in 1864, and served in South Carolina during the Civil War. After the war ended he remained in South Carolina and served in that state's legislature from 1868 until 1873 when he was appointed Postmaster of Charleston, South Carolina. He served in that post until his death in 1883 [sic] ...

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Other source(s)

Hine, William C. (1982). Dr. Benjamin A. Boseman, Jr.: Charleston’s Black Physician-Politician. In H. N. Rabinowitz (Ed.), Southern Black leaders of the Reconstruction era (pp. 335-352). Urbana: University of Illinois Press.

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Public Domain. Radical Members of the South Carolina Legislature Smithsonian Record ID: edanmdm:nmaahc_2016.49.4