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John Anthony Parm

Liberian-born physician and U.S. Vice-Consul to Sierra Leone

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Dartmouth Medical School M.D.

Class of 1871

Born  1840  Monrovia Liberia

Died 1913 Wilmington DE

Quotes from Biographical Sources

Dr. John Anthony Parm died June 19. 1913, in Wilmington, Del., of cancer of the throat. He was born in Monrovia, Liberia, September 14. 1842 or 3. (This is the date given by his stepdaughter, and does not agree with the statement in the General Catalogue.) His parents were Benjamin and Mary (Bond) Parm. His early education and preparation for the study of medicine were obtained in Liberia. Coming to America for his professional training, he studied at Harvard and Dartmouth.

After graduation he returned to Liberia, and practiced at Monrovia till January, 1877, when he removed to Siena Leone, British West Africa, where he continued his medical practice and served as United States consul. In 1880 he came to Wilmington, Del., and practiced there until within a few years of his death.

Dr. Parm was married in Monrovia in January, 1877, to Caroline O. daughter of Daniel and Cecille Johnston and widow of Dr. Samuel Ford McGill (D. M. S. '39). Mrs. Parm died in Baltimore, Md., July 30, 1912. There were no children.