Blacks@Dartmouth 1775 to 1960

Charles Francis Adams, IV

Freelance writer

alumnus image

Dartmouth College

Class of 1959

Born  1939  Washington DC

Died 1964

Quotes from Biographical Sources

Charles Francis Adams - "Charlie," as we knew him during his short stay on the Hanover Plain - left Dartmouth in 1958 to pursue his studies on an independent basis and to continue work on two novels he had begun. Recent correspondence indicates that he had hoped to return to Dartmouth after traveling in Europe.

At Dartmouth Charlie was active in the Canoe Club and in various sports car activities. He became somewhat of an expert in this field, doing quite a bit of race driving and running his own parts and equipment business during the last few years. In addition, he had contributed to and founded several magazines dealing with the technical aspects of sports cars and sports car racing.

He was a guy who was not afraid to give up the usual in order to develop something which intrigued and excited him. Certainly, we could stand more fellows like him. He was involved in life and hoped to express his thoughts concerning that involvement through his writing. One cannot help but be quietly reflective when he realizes that the loss of a person like Charlie Adams has taken a sparkle of individuality and energy from our midst.

In Memoriam. Dartmouth Class of 1959 website.

Profile image source: Liber Anni. Dunbar High School, 1955, Washington, D.C.