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Thomas Davis Young

Promising career ended shortly ater college in Marine Corps jet fighter crash

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Dartmouth College

Class of 1957

Born  1935

Died 1960

Quotes from Biographical Sources

First Lieut. Thomas Davis Young, a Marine Corps Reserve pilot, was killed July 25, 1960 when his jet fighter crashed and burned as he was taking off from Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn. Officers at the Naval Air Station said that Tom was on a routine proficiency flight in a single-engine FJ4 Fury.

Tom graduated from Andover in 1953, where he was President of the Student Council. After coming to Dartmouth he was active in the SOC and the Green Key and a member of Gamma Delta Chi before leaving at the end of his junior year to join the Marine Corps. After his flight training at Pensacola, Tom served in Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan. He had completed his active service but remained in the Marine Corps Reserve and took regular training flights.

This summer he had been working as a technician for the Continental Can Co., but had planned to return to Dartmouth this fall to complete his studies.

Tom is survived by his wife, the former Betty K. Jones, and their six-month old daughter, Elizabeth. To them the Class offers its deepest sympathy.

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Profile image source: Pot Pourri 1952. Phillips Academy, Andover, MA.