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Paulus Moort

Episcopal bishop and physician in Liberia

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Dartmouth Medical School

Class of 1892

1893 Howard Univ (M.D.)

Born  1851  St. Croix, Danish West Indies

Died 1903 Philadelphia PA

Quotes from Biographical Sources

The Rev. Paulus Moort M. D. rector of Trinity Church, in the city of Monrovia, Republic of Liberia, West Africa, was in attendance at the sessions of the House of Bishops of the Episcopal convention yesterday. Mr. Moort is colored, with all the prominent characteristics of an intellectual member of his race, and he attracted much attention during the proceedings yesterday.

He is perhaps one of the most notable colored men in the Episcopal Church. He was born forty-eight years ago in Santa Cruz, Danish West Indies, receiving his early education there, but his collegiate and divinity education he received in this country. In 1882 he graduated from the West Philadelphia Divinity School, and he afterward attended Howard University in this city, graduating from the medical department in 1893. He first went to Liberia in 1871, and he early became identified with the progress of the republic.

He came to Washington in the interest of the training school for girls in Monrovia, an institution for the higher education of women. It is one of the largest educational enterprises in the republic, and Mr. Moort is devoting his energies toward furthering its success.

Mr. Moort speaks interestingly of the church work in Liberia, as well as of the republic itself. 'Liberia is a child of America,' he said to a Times reporter yesterday, 'but you have neglected us. and other nations. France and England notably, have taken advantage of that neglect. If you had been as kind to us as you were to Cuba our progress would have been more notable.' The prevailing church denominations in the republic, he says, are Methodist and Baptist although the Episcopal Church quite a strong following. Efforts have been made to institute Catholicity, but have met with failure.

1898. Some Convention Sketches. Washington Times, Oct 21, 1898, 6.

Profile image source: Rev. Paulus Moort. 1903. The Peacemaker 22, no. (12): Cover photo.