Blacks @ Dartmouth 1775 to 1960

African Americans @ Dartmouth College 1775-1960

Henry Lewis Webb

Dartmouth College
Class of 1877 (attended: 1873-74)
Mar 1854, Alexandria VA
23 Sep 1923, New York NY
School Dartmouth College Class 1877
Born Mar 1854, Alexandria VA Year(s) 1873-74
Died 23 Sep 1923, New York NY

Career summary

Hotel employee in New Hampshire and Harlem

Quotes from biographical sources

Left college freshman spring, in consequence of breaking his leg while playing football on the campus. Was then for some months at his home, in Manchester, N. H. From Feb. 1875 to May 1876 he was in the employ of a Boston caterer, and then for over a month a waiter at Memorial Hall, Cambridge. From July to November, 1876, he worked at the Metropolitan Hotel, Boston. He started for Virginia, Nov. 30, with the intention of teaching, and located at Alexandria. From January to May, 1877, he taught at Stewartsville, Bedford Co., Va., in the winter of 1881-2 in Fairfax Co., near Alexandria, in the winters of ’83-4 and ’84-5 at Franconia, Fairfax Co., and the winter of ’86-7 at Moorefield, W. Va.

In the summer of ’77 worked as waiter at the Pequot Hotel, New London, and at the Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga Springs, in the summer of ’78 and each summer since, except that of ’82, which was spent at the Prospect House, Shelter Island. During the time not accounted for above, he has been engaged in various kinds of labor in or near Alexandria.

A Republican in politics. Member and clerk of the Alfred St. Baptist church of Alexandria. Was married, Sept. 19, 1878, to Agnes, daughter of Joseph Smith of Alexandria. Their children are: Abbie Stark, born Oct. 8, 1878; Agnes Maud, born Aug. 2, 1880; Willie Francis, born Dec. 10, 1882; Henry Lewis, Jr., born Nov. 12, 1884.

Decennial Record of the Class of 1877, Dartmouth College, 1887, pp. 49-50.