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John Tully Thorne

Public school educator in New York City

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Dartmouth College B.L.

Class of 1897

Born  1874  Charleston SC

Died 1940 Bronx NY

Quotes from Biographical Sources

We have the opportunity now to see the college through the eyes of a classmate who has spent the years since 1897 almost entirely in New York City. Tully writes, ‘I have made my first visit to the old college in 35 years. What a transformation! The old Dartmouth has almost disappeared and the new Dartmouth with its graceful, its wonderful buildings with their beautiful settings enthralled me. In touring I have visited many college towns but none excels Hanover in its quiet, dignified, majestic, academic tone.’

For four years Thorne looked with satisfaction over the Dartmouth campus from a front room of Dartmouth Hall. He was a careful student and went as far with Latin as Dartmouth permitted. After graduation he went back to his native city and commenced serious preparation for his profession, teaching. In Columbia he studied Latin under Harry Thurston Peck and Education under James Russell and Nicholas Murray Butler. When his memory of the educational theories and classroom practices of the Dartmouth faculty had grown dim, he was ready for service in the city schools.

In these years he has held various administrative positions and he is now head of the English department in the Paulding Junior High School in the Bronx, and also director of a playground in Public School 23. Modestly this real teacher says of his success, ‘I owe it to Dartmouth College and to that sublime character, Dr. Tucker.’

Now we come to Tully’s first claim to class distinction. He had seven children, and the five now living reflect the energy, common sense and judgment of their father.

Class secretary correspondence in alumnus record file, Rauner Special Collections Library, Dartmouth College.

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