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Arthur Henry Jeffreys

College athlete (football, track), teacher and Pullman porter

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Dartmouth College

Class of 1904

Born  1880  Raleigh NC

Died 1934 Boston MA

Quotes from Biographical Sources

Boston . . . Another well-loved character, Arthur Jeffreys, has also gone to join his ancestors. Arthur's case was [unfortunate]. A Dartmouth graduate, who shortly after receiving the sheep skin, taught for a while; he also had several other jobs. But easy money on the Pullman lured him; then its twin sister, fast living, joined up. The result was that for years Arthur's life was one of hardships, but for the kindness of an aged mother.

Freeman, Elliott. (Mar 17, 1934). The Whirling Hub. The Baltimore Afro-American, p. 16.

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