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Robert Van Ness Johnson

College athlete (football) and dentist in Chicago

alumnus image

Dartmouth College

Class of 1910

1917 Northwestern (D.D.S.)

Born  1887  Denver CO

Died 1930 Chicago IL

Quotes from Biographical Sources

Robert Van Ness Johnson died January 1. 1930, at Billings Memorial Hospital in Chicago, III., of peritonitis, following an operation. He was born December 6, 1887, in Denver, Colo., and attended for a time Colorado State College. In our junior year he joined us, and remained that year and part of the next. Owing to the comparatively short time he was with us and to the fact that he then dropped out of sight, not much of his later life was known to his classmates. Last fall one of the Chicago contingent saw him at a football game, and learned that he was practising dentistry in Chicago.

Necrology. (Apr 1930). Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, 22(6), 415.

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Profile image source: Dartmouth College Photographic Files, 1900-1910 football teams, 1909.