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Cedric Errol Francis

Businessman in Canada and San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Dartmouth College B.S.

Class of 1912

Born  1890  Washington DC

Died 1964 FL

Quotes from Biographical Sources

Cedric Errol Francis died May 28, 1964 after a long and wasting illness. "Ced" was a difficult man from whom to get any information about himself, hence his death for several weeks passed unnoticed by any of his classmates.

Ced was born on March 9, 1890 in Washington, D. C. During his four years at Dartmouth he was an honor man, a member of the varsity relay team, president of the Wheelock Club, a member of the College Choir, and active in the Dartmouth Christian Association. Always serious-minded, Ced had little time for any of the frivolities of college life.

Following graduation he taught for six years in Washington, then went into business for himself in office machinery and supplies in Canada. Eight years later he engaged in promotion of mining stock, and finally entered the automobile business in Puerto Rico and in Canada. In 1954 he attempted to retire but was influenced by his physician to continue work.

Ced is survived by his wife Rea, who makes her home at 744 N.E. 72nd Terrace, Washington, D.C., and by two sons by a former marriage.

In Memoriam. (Oct 1964). Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, 57(1), 96-97.

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