Blacks @ Dartmouth 1775 to 1950

African Americans @ Dartmouth College 1775-1950

Charles Edward Lane, Jr.

Dartmouth College
Class of 1915 (attended: 1911-12)
22 Jan 1893, Alexandria VA
13 Apr 1947, Philadelphia PA
School Dartmouth College Class 1915
Born 22 Jan 1893, Alexandria VA Year(s) 1911-12
Died 13 Apr 1947, Philadelphia PA

Career summary

Educator, theater owner and real estate developer

Quotes from biographical sources

Washington, D.C. - The Liberian concession of the Firestone Rubber company of Akron, Ohio is attracting many of our most efficient young men. Among those who have accepted supervisory positions in connection with the development of rubber growing in West African is Mr. Charles E. Lane, who for several years had successfully managed the large and beautiful Lincoln Theater in this city. Mr. Lane sailed last Sunday from New York to visit factories in Belgium were he is expected to spend two months. From there he is expected to visit South African rubber plantations on a tour of inspection before taking up his duties in Liberia.

The Call of Liberia. (Mar 5, 1926). Plain Dealer (Topeka, KS), p. 2.