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Edward Scott Cunningham

Physician, athlete (track) and civic leader in Brooklyn, New York

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Dartmouth College B.S.

Class of 1916

L.I. Coll. of Med. (M.D.)

Born  1894  Brooklyn NY

Died 1936 Brooklyn NY

Quotes from Biographical Sources

Delayed word has just been received of the death of Dr. Edward Scott Cunningham on August 23, 1936. The son of Henry and Alice (Scott) Cunningham, he was born in New York, January 25, 1893.

He received his schooling in New York City and graduated from Morris High School in 1912. Ed graduated with the class of 1916 and completed his medical course at Long Island College Hospital in 1919, then interned at the Kansas City Hospital.

He practiced medicine in Brooklyn and served his medical Alma Mater as assistant physician on the medical service in the department of gastroenterology. His wife and a daughter survive him.

In college, Ed was a quiet boy, doing his work well. He was a member of the track team, and I can still recall his marvelous running form. I am deeply indebted to Dick Granger '15 for the detail of Ed's life, with whom Ed had been associated for many years in the practice of medicine.

Necrology. (Nov 1939). Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, 32(2), 87.

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