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William Howard Minyard, Jr.

Dentist in Asbury Park, New Jersey

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Dartmouth College

Class of 1921

1923 Howard (D.D.S.)

Born  1896  Winston-Salem NC

Died 1948 Asbury Park NJ

Quotes from Biographical Sources

William Howard Minyard died in Asbury Park, N. J. on November 24, 1948. Bill was born in Winston Salem, N. C. August 14, 1896, the son of William Howard and Anna (Hairston) Minyard. After spending one year with our class he transferred to Howard University where he received the degree of D.D.S. in 1923. He was a member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

Bill has practiced dentistry in Asbury Park, N. J., making his home at 1115 Adams St., but we have not further details of is life.