Blacks@Dartmouth 1775 to 1960

Bradford Benjamin Weisiger

College athlete (track) and dentist

alumnus image

Dartmouth College

Class of 1925

Univ Penn (D.D.S.)

Born  1899  Brooklyn NY

Died 1985 Far Rockaway NY

Quotes from Biographical Sources

Bradford Weisiger, sometime a student at Columbia and Dartmouth, is now a freshman in the dental school at the University of Pennsylvania. Brad gets into the column because he was for two years the dash champion of Greater New York's public schools and because he finished second this summer in the National Junior 100. And because we hope to see him do his stuff for Penn next year.

Wilson, W. Rollo. (Oct 18, 1924). Eastern Snapshots. Pittsburgh Courier, p. 7.

Other source(s)

  1. White, Derrick E. Bradford Weisiger. Black Sporting Experience at Dartmouth.

Profile image source: Dartmouth Freshman Green Book 1925