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Theodore Arthur Rambeau

University professor in Atlanta, Georgia

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Dartmouth College A.B.

Class of 1926

Born  1900  AR

Died 1989 Grand Rapids MI

Quotes from Biographical Sources

Julianne (Rambeau) Vanden Wyngaard, born to Theodore and Edith Rambeau, was a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan and graduate of South High School. Julianne came by her ambitious spirit and eagerness for study from her father. Ted was a graduate of Dartmouth College majoring in languages. He did post-graduate work at the University of Bordeaux in France and held a teacher’s certificate for his studies at Calvin College.

A life-long learner, after retiring in 1967, Ted went back to France to study for just a couple of years, traveling to Spain and then to Germany. He finished a translator school and studied economics. He finally returned to Michigan in 1987, passing away in 1989.

In those early years the Rambeau family had a small twenty-acre farm in Rockford, Michigan and dad, being a son of an Arkansas farmer, tended his hobby farm. 'Dad raised us as vegetarians. In the morning we had to consume kelp and mashed up prunes, and only then could we eat breakfast. We followed a strict vegetarian diet years before that diet was considered popular.'

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Profile image source: Dartmouth Aegis 1926